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Problems getting OpenFire source building

I followed the guide for getting OpenFire building with Eclipse 3.3, and the Ant task is successful. However Eclipse itself is giving hundreds of errors. Also, following the instructions leads to a totally borked package explorer view.

I want Eclipse itself able to build the source… i.e the source in openfire\src\java. But the instructions say to use just \openfire and this leads to all the other sub-folders being put in the package view.

I wondered about creating a new “Java project from existing ant buildfile” instead of what the instructions say, which is a new java project followed by adding Ant.

Overall I get 866 errors, an example being:

AbstractInvocable cannot be resolved to a type CoherenceClusteredCacheFactory.java openfire/src/plugins/clustering/src/java/com/jivesoftware/util/cache line 336

BackingMapManager cannot be resolved to a type ClusteredCache.java /openfire/src/plugins/clustering/src/java/com/jivesoftware/util/cache line 74

CacheInfo cannot be resolved to a type JiveConfigurableCacheFactory.java /openfire/src/plugins/clustering/src/java/com/jivesoftware/util/cache line 53

CacheLoader cannot be resolved to a type CoherenceCache.java /openfire/src/plugins/clustering/src/java/com/jivesoftware/util/cache line 55

What tips can anyone give? I want to be able to run Ant but also build and run the OpenFire server app through ‘regular Eclipse’.


at least for me these instruction did work fine, even with a newer Eclipse version.

Delete the clustering plugin or modify it and get coherence.jar from Oracle to build it.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/204117 may also be interesting.


Yes I had the same problem. Follow these steps & you’ll be good: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/42059?tstart=0

Thanks, I’ll look at that. As far as the Openfire server itself (not including the admin web-app), it’s a plain Java app right - no JEE stuff - so you can run and debug into it like any normal application?

That’s correct. It is a standalone server with a servlet container embedded within it for the admin console. No JEE server or programming required.

A little update. I had 866 errors, but found if I cahnged the JRE compliance to 1.5 or 1.6 this reduced to 284. I don’t know what it was defaulting to, or why it was lower!

These 284 errors are all within openfire/src/plugins/clustering. I saw this was mentioned specifically but didn’t understand the problem. How come the Ant build is successful but this isn’t?