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Problems logging in when using swedish characters in password

As the topic says a user who has characters like åäö in their password can’t logg in. I’m using LDAP connection.

the same problem with russian-character passwords

it seems like this bug: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM-694

would be nice to get the developers word on this issue, heh

We’re having the same problem with ANSI characters (characters from 128 to 255, ASCII is from 0 to 127).

For all other users benefit from what i can see the config file is saves as XML strict (purely ASCII). because non-ascii characters may cause a problem, they’re converted to ‘nice’ ascii (e.g. “& amp#000;” where “000” is some number probably from 128 to 255)

A workaround is - i just went into the config file and under the <adminPassword> just overwrote with my original password, and restarted openfire. then i can log on again. this may or may not cause problems because as the XML is parsed, unexpected characters could cause problems and openfire have probably not tested with this - i.e. it’s a hack. use in production at your own risk

A better workaround would be to create another basic user account in Active Directory - the only thing the AD account is used for is to read AD information as far as I can see (it doesn’t write to AD), so a better solution is to create a user account with limited access and a plain ASCII password and use that as the openfire admin account. I haven’t tested this but can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Hope this helps.