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Problems of unloading

I carry several days calling to discharge the openfire 3,8 and simple introduce he does not leave me, that is when asset discharge her for Windows he goes blank, he does not do nothing, who may guide me that to do, I need this version.

Maybe you should post your question in your native language and maybe someone will answer it. Because now i can’t understand anything. Do you have problems downloading 3.8.1 version or upgrading?


tengo ese problema, cuando le doy para descargar compatible con windows, simplemente no hace nada.

I have that problem, when I give him to discharge compatible with Windows, simply he does not do nothing

Have you tried another browser (Firefox, Chrome)?

Firefox 19.0.2

try this http://www.wroot.lt/jive/openfire_3_8_1.exe

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gracias amigo , por fin una solucion, mil millones de graciassssssss!

Friendly thanks, at last a solution, thousand million thanks!