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Problems on client

I installed jive messenger 1.0.5 on windows 2000 and mysql.

I’'ve tryed all clients you listed in compatible list and jajc and gaim. Exodus_0.8.6.0 and jajc0.07.102 can log in but cannot add a contact. others just cannot connect to the server, including psi-0.9-win32, rhymbox1.6, gaim0.64.

Can you give me some suggestions?


Have you tried connecting with a known user (one who already exists in your system)? If not, try creating one via the admin tool and try logging in. We’'ve tested extensively with Exodus, so try that one first.



I believe I haven’'t make it clear. Actually, I use Exodus to register two users, though after the account created it popup a message"the agent you are trying to register return a error",it is ok. But after I logged in using Exodus, I cannot add a contact to my list. I cannot search for a contact, it popup a message"could not contact the search agent". When I change passwd, error popup.


Messenger doesn’‘t support searching users via clients or the Jabber user directory service. So you should receive errors when trying to conduct user searches using Exodus. (Technically, Exodus should disable that feature when connecting with Messenger since we don’'t list it as an active service.)

In any case, you cannot add users to your contact list by searching (in XMPP it’‘s called a ‘‘roster’’). Instead you must know their address using other communication channels (e.g. the same way you learn someone’'s email address: you ask them in person, on the phone, get it on a business card, etc). Once you know their address, add them using their address. In Exodus you do this by clicking on the plus symbol of the toolbar and entering the form information (which includes their all-important address).