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Problems registering with ICQ transport

We have intranet jabber with AD authentication. We decided to add ICQ transport to it. Plugin is installed ok, connection with ICQ server works. Now in Spark I have little ICQ button. I press it, then “Enter login information”, but after I input my ICQ number and password I get error: “Unable to register with gateway”

and then: Your registration was denied due to your account not existing on the same server as the transport.

In warn.log i have: “Someone who is not a user of this server tried to register with the transport: varnavskiy@”

and in info.log i have: "Registered varnavskiy@ as 333088877 in rosterless mode. "

Please help

Same trouble with GTalk

Tried to add registration manually - but icq button still has “sign in” item grayed out.

Reinstallation helped