Problems running pyMSNt

Im having a problem when trying to run pyMSNt, here is the output:


WARNING! Only PNG avatars will be understood by this transport. Please install the Python Imaging Library.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 4, in ?

import utils

File “/opt/jabber-gw/pymsn/src/”, line 146, in ?

from twisted.xish.domish import SuxElementStream

ImportError: No module named xish.domish

As you can see, im using Linux, i already installed Twisted, pyCrypto and pyOpenSSL. I even installed epoll, just in case.

I coulnt find anything related to “twisted.xish.domish”.

Any ideas?


I didnt saw there where several Twist packages to download.

My mistake.

No i have another problem…i thought it was working but i cant see pyMSNt in the external components list of Jive.

I did configure the secret and port, and allowed the msn subdomain (and even tryed with Anyone).

Here are the last lines of ./PyMSNt

File “/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/twisted/internet/”, line 172, in write

self._tempDataLen += len(data)

exceptions.TypeError: len() of unsized object[/b][/i]

There are lots of File…self… bla bla, until exceptions.TypeError… thats the last line and only time it appears.

Just in case, i have installed:


Twisted Words

Twisted Web

Twisted Xish



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i get the same error, and can’'t the transport to connect, did you solve this problem?? or does anyone know what to do??

using jabberd2 server with pymsnt-0.10.2