Problems to log-in to server

Hi all. I have problems to log in with spark client to my openfire server in one host. I can log the user in my spark client in my computer, but in another host I cant log in. I have checked the 5222 port from host to the server and I can access (all ports are open because hosts are in VPN)

I have no restrictions in the server. How I can solve this?

without doing additional troubleshooting, The first things i would check would be

dns- can the workstation resolve the server

routing- can the workstation reach the server (if the openfire is on a different subnet than your vpn users, do you have a static route or is “use default gateway on remote network” selected)

Thanks for your answer, but we dont need and static or a dinamic route because they are in the same domain and both machines (server and client). We don’t use VLANS. Ping responds and 5222 port is accessible in server from host client. There are any setting in openfire server that can be blocking log-in?