Problems to Send and Receive Files


My problem is very specific, I have a Openfire last version and my users are authenticated in Novell Ldap Directory. We have at least 300 users that can send end receive files, but ONE just ONE user have this issue. They initially RECEIVE files but CANT SEND.

Below the step by step of attempts to resolve the problem.

  1. I try login with the username in various computers and IMClients diferents, the problem persist. Is not Firewall.

  2. I cant delete the user from the OpenFire directly, because the users are populated from LDAP(Novell), so the user has been deleted from Novell Directory and after some minutes the user dont apear anymore in the list of users in Openfire.

  3. After recreation in Novell Directory the user apear again in the Openfire users list.

But now for my surprise, the user can SEND files… But NO RECEIVE anymore… The problem INVERT…

Nothing in the logs…

I read some posts in the forum, about “Register” (again) the user in the server withe the Spark Client, but i cant do this, because the users comes from LDAP…

If someone have paths to debug this in a best level, I can send more logs to forum.

Thanks a lot.

Rafael Carvalho.