Problems with Broadcasts

We have several different versions of Spark on different computers in our facility - and we seem to be having an issue with version 2.5.5. When someone sends a broadcast message out to a specific group - it goes out to a couple of different groups and sometimes to all stations (even when the right side of the window says that it is only sending it to the specified computers). The stations that are still running 2.0.7 aren’t having the same problem.

Does anyone know how we can fix this problem without having to take all of the computers running 2.5.5 back to 2.0.7? Most of our stations have 2.5.5 or newer already…

Thanks for any help!


can you start Spark with the XMPP debugger enabled? If you have auto-login enabled you need to log out and then you can enable it on the login screen (advanced options). There you should be able to see what messages Spark is sending, and whether is sends the message to all users on your roster or only to a few.