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Problems with chartset in Openfire 4.3.1

I’m currently running Openfire 4.3.2 using the Oracle 11G database. I have no problem with charset, either in the admin interface or in the history of the chats that are recorded.
After upgrading to Openfire 4.3.1 using the same database, the multi-letter administration interface is replaced with (?) Interrogation. In addition, several conversations are recorded with strange characters.
On the admin interface, I noticed that the question mark character (?) Appears mostly in languages other than English. With English, this type of character is considerably reduced.
Here are a few pictures that demonstrate this:

Openfire 4.3.1: Watch the news feed from management.

Openfire 4.3.1: Note the part of email settings.

Openfire 4.3.1: Note the database tab in administration.

Now look at what’s in Openfire 4.3.2:

Both are running on the same server, and this server runs an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Java 8.

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The Admin Console issue is filed https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1680
In 4.3 Openfire is not replacing not translated strings with English, that’s why you see ??? strings. Because your GUI language selected for Admin Console is incomplete (btw, we are not doing translations, this is completely up to contributors to make translations complete).

There is also another issue with some of the plugins, that they will still try to use not English translation when English is selected as the main language and instead will use language similar to OS locale. I won’t give you links to tickets, but it is already filed for Search, Registration and other plugins.

You also mentioned that some chats are recorded with bad characters. This is an unrelated issue and i suggest to post it as a separate thread.

How can I help with the translation process?
What is necessary?
I am not fluent in English, but I know the technical English well and I can help with the translation, if need be!

Main translation files are here https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/tree/master/i18n/src/main/resources (plugins have their own translations, so you would have to find same translation files for every plugin and translate). You can compare your language file with default one (English) and add missing strings and translations.

Ideally we would want to receive a translation via GitHub as a pull request. This way it would be better for history of changes to see what lines were updated than just replacing the whole file. If you are not familiar with GitHub and there won’t be a lot of changes, we can work something out and copy your translations manually (you would post them here maybe).