Problems with extrenal db

I got about a 1100 user database that has a heavy roster

I am using a mysql dedicated server that is not local host

No matter what hardware configuration i use the server consistently crashes at the 6 hour mark when it caches the database.

Or at least I understand thats how it works.

but every 6 hours the server quits responding.

There are no logs as to why.

Does anyone have any idea at all?

I tried this config before on a unix box and only resolution i was able to find was to house the db on the same machine.

Now that I moved it to a very expesive and well equiped Windows server it again is happening. I really want to have the database external to help with load but if it keeps crashing i dont know what to do…

Any insight is appreciated.


is it possible that you hit a connection timeout and the TCP connection between Openfire and your database is closed?

It may help to set the parameter in openfire.xml to a much lower value, 1.0 should be one day. So 0.1 should work much better for you, Openfire should recycle the connections every 2,4 hours which is below your 6 hours.