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Problems with Google S2S ? Check your SRV Records

I did a quick search on the forums, and didn’‘t see this point brought up, so I’'m proactively opening this thread to hopefully head off some questions.

Google has slightly changed their technical requirements to connect with them S2S.

Originally, when the google opened up federation, the only ‘‘real’’ (term used loosely) requirement is that your wildfire server could open up port 5269 to gmail.com and that you support callback. Additionally, as long as you had a DNS record for @jabber.yourdomain.com properly pointed to your wildfire server, you were in business.

Sometime latter on (recently) Google decided to stop answering port 5269 on gmail.com which strangely[/i] broke my federation with them. A simple DNS query shows they have SRV records setup to point to multiple xmpp-servers now. This shouldn’'t have been an issue, but only to discover this thread http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=120156&#120156

which seems to confirm my suspicion that Wildfire (as of 2.4.2) isn’'t doing proper SRV Lookups. As mentioned in the thread, if you can, putting an entry in your HOSTS file for one of the xmpp servers (i.e. will fix the outbound problem of your wildfire server not being able to connect to google.

The above only fixes part of the potentional problem. You can connect to them, but Google, is looking for you to have SRV records for your jabber server and without them, google will not talk to you. Keep in mind that if you are using jabber.domain.com that you will need to setup the SRV records for the child domain, jabber under domain.com in the above example in order for google to find you properly.

I hope this saves some of you some frustration.