Problems with groups with LDAP + openfire

I am in the process of testing Openfire for our company. We are migrating to LDAP and I wanted to get Openfire integrated with our LDAP server from the start. I have a CentOS 5.0 server that runs OpenLDAP. The OpenFire (latest version) is running on another CentOS 5.0 server. I set up 3 groups in LDAP and 7 users. Each user belongs to only one of the 3 groups. The groups are set to be “shared” in Openfire to all users. We use Spark (also latest version). In my spark

(I accidently pressed “post message”)


In my spark I can see only two groups now. If I log in to the openfire admin console I cannot see any groups… I could see all three there but after a openfire restart I cant see any of them.

In the LDAP setup thing everything is correct when I press TEST button… Both for users and groups.

First I tried without LDAP… and everything worked just fine.

Anyone with some experience on this subject here?