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Problems with IM Plugin (again?)

ok, to cut a long story short - I wanted to see Avatar’s via transports - as my old server used the embedded DB and there’s a bug so they don’t show up I set up a completely new server just for use of transports (Setup: OF3.4.1, mysql, IM1.2.0). The install is completely fresh, I registered transports for yahoo,icq, aim and MSN. There’s only one user that’s connected to all transports.

Now I see the following problem:

  1. Login takes a very long time on the new server, I get this error message in the log during the waiting time (about 2-3 minutes);

2007.11.15 10:31:27

org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.PresenceManagerImpl.userUnavailable(PresenceManage rImpl.java:268)

Error storing offline presence of user: corona

com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry ‘corona’ for key 1

  1. collecting my ICQ buddies takes a long time - they show up one by one with long waiting times inbetween. Server gets randomly disconnected - no useful error messages.

  2. Transports seem to “hang” - Transports are shown as online - but no buddies are shown - this condition persists for a long time.

  3. this is not a connection problem, server is on an error free 100MBit lan

  4. I’ve read other reports about seemingly “hanging” IM Gateways in 1.2.0 - so I think there might be an issue

I’ve been using Transports for a long time now - and I never had the above Problems with the 1.1.3 IM Plugin - it’s the same setup, just the plugin is new. Really strange - If necessary I can beta test things on my server - just drop a note.