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Problems with IM Plugin. Please help

Dear folks,

I’ll try and explain my problem as simply as possible. Please excuse me if I do not use the correct terminology for I am a novice to all this and just experimenting. I use a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.2. As a lot of you may know, it is the dream of most Mac users to be able to speak to their mates on MSN or Yahoo through iChat. Well, after some searching, I fell upon this article instructing readers how to install Openfire, install an IM gateway and configure iChat so you have everything running under one roof rather than having to use a program like PSi and have your log-in details for your various IM accounts on some server in Antarctica . Anyway, I have done the whole Openfire thing and in the process, I gathered that Openfire no longer came with an IM gateway plugin and that this had been replaced by the Kraken IM Gateway plugin. So far so good. I got everything up and running and did a couple of tests. iChat works like a charm except for one thing: I am unable to do any file transfers during chats. I do not know if this is one of the short comings of not using that Jabber server in Antarctica (just kidding as we all know there are no servers in Antarctica … or are there not?). All my contacts did appear on iChat as predicted in the walkthrough I followed and have tested chatting with some friends and that works fine too. I would be grateful for any information that could help resolve this file transfer problem.

Another question I have is with installing an IM gateway. Well, I have the Kraken one installed but I hve also read about PyMSNt. Is it possible to install this in Openfire and if so how? I do not seem to be able to find a PyMSNt.jar file and if one exits, does it work better than Kraken? Please remember I am using a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.2, Openfire 3.6.4 and Kraken IM Gateway 1.1.2.

Thanks folks.

You should ask these questions on Kraken forums. You will get more correct answers, i think. Kraken doesnt yet support file transfer. PyMSNt is written in Python and therefore needs Python to run, it’s not so easy to setup as Openfire-Kraken.