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Problems with JM and Pandion

I have been continually having problems connecting to our JM server here using Pandion. What happens is this. I try to login and it stays at the “One moment please…” screen indefinately. Now it doesn’'t do this 100% of the time, but probably about 70%. I can exit Pandion and 100% of the time login using Exodus.

Here is my current setup.

Jive Messenger 2.3.0 beta 1

– Authentication through LDAP provider to our 2000 Active Directory server

– PyMSN 10 and PyAIM 6 transports

Pandion 2.1.2 beta

Has anyone had problems like these?



Have you tried another client? That should help to isolate whether this is a Pandion issue or something going wrong in the server.



Yes. I mentioned at the end of my post that I’‘m always successful with Exodus. Unfortunately Exodus isn’'t as user-friendly as Pandion is. I need to find something as simple as possible for a roll-out to our company.

I realize this may be the wrong forum for the question so I will also ask in the Pandion forums as well. But I just wanted to find out if I was alone in this since it seemed like a lot of people have mentioned using Pandion.


This is interesting. I was viewing the xml console on pandion and it gives a “Not Authorized” message.


It seems the last line is a sent message. Maybe waiting for something with the JM server.


Here is the xml dump from Exodus. Seems similar with a few differences.


I thought this was affecting both version of Pandion, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2. But aparantly I can login with 2.1.1. You can iqnore this issue. I’‘m sure it’'s something specific with Pandion itself.