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Problems with Openfire 3.8 w/ LDAP and vCards

I’m setting up a system using Openfire 3.8 with a LDAP backend. The LDAP database is completely populated with all the “phonebook” information so it would be perfect to use as the vCard source.

But when I try to set it up, I don’t see anything on any of the clients (I am testing using Spark and Jitsi on both Linux and Windows.)

I am changing the ldap.vcard-mapping property and I have tried every combination of with and without the CDATA tag and with and without using attributes to specify LDAP names:

Everything else in Openfire has been very simple so far, so I am hoping I’m just missing a stupid little step.



vCardXML.xml (714 Bytes)
vCardXML-wattr.xml (797 Bytes)
vCardXML-wcdata.xml (714 Bytes)
vCardXML-wcdataandattr.xml (817 Bytes)

I have been trying to troubleshoot the problem and it appears that the server never sends an LDAP query for vCards which makes me think the problem is with the provider.vcard.className which is set to org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapVCardProvider

Also I am running version Openfire 3.8.1 Alpha

This is because the 3.8.0 version did not use group rosters properly.



I’ve recently just upgraded to the stable version of Openfire 3.8.1 and vCards are still not working.


I found that my XML had an error in it. I left out a / in the one of the end tags…

I hate stupid mistakes, especially when I make them!