Problems with packet filter - heavy load

Yesterday I installed packet filter plugin in openfire 3.3.2 via the admin console. I added only one regexp and wanted to test it “(?i)\bscript\b”. When I sended the first package the server load increased heavely and the plugin started to send me endless notification messages. As this did not stop I had to kill the server and when I restarted it started again to go mad. I wanted to unload the plugin but this failed as well. I finally had to remove the plugin myself from the filesystem the cure this. Any idea what whet wrong here?




Are you talking about the Content Filter plugin? The Packet Filter plugin only filters based on source and destination address and doesn’t support regular expressions.


sorry I meat the “content filter” plugin and not the package filter plugin. Thanks for you answer.


HOLY S**T!!!

I just enabled the plugin, added three words, saved settings, then IM’d myself a message with each word, the openfire blew up. I got over 1400 email notifications. Spark went ape shit, had to kill the process, then when I started spark up again the same thing happened.

I had to remove the plugin, kill openfire, and shutdown server. WOW, glad openfire is in a testing environment when that happened.

It looks like this plugin hasn’t been maintained for a while. I would try getting in touch with the author to see if you could get a status update. Most times if you let the developer know that you are interested in using his software he will go out of his way to help you out.