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Problems with Packet Filter

Currently have OpenFire 3.7.0 installed on a Cent box using LDAP look up on AD servers, PFP version is 3.0.1. When attempting to create a rule (clicking create rule button) it sits for about 2 minutes until it brings me to the create rule screen. I try to create any rule and click the Create Rule button it returns me to the main Create Rule Screen and doesn’t show the rule. I’ve tried older versions, to no avail. I’m at a loss, i’ve been through the openfire logs but i’m not seeing anything.

Helps Please!

What database are you using? How many groups in your openfire install? If there are a bunch (more than 1k) then it might be timing out while the backend is fetching your AD info. Have you ensured your caches are properly sized?

If you wanted to investigate what is happening you can click the create rule button, then take a thread dump of the openfire pid (kill -3 ) and attach it here. I should be able to tell where the slowdown is.

Using the embedded DB on it. It’s looking through the root of AD so it’s pulling a ton of groups so that is more than likely the issue. I’ve been trying to narrow it down a bit but i dont’ think that’s really feasible. How do i increase the cache?