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Problems with Server to Server Federation with GTalk

I’ve been running an Openfire 3.6.4 for a few months now, only available for internal use and with a self-signed certificate. I’m now interested in openning up access to other XMPP servers. I’ve configured Openfire to listen for server to server connections, and added appropriate DNS records for the xmpp server for our domain to be found (domain: csirt.ja.net, server, jabber.csirt.ja.net).

I’m having problems commnucating with gtalk users, if they initiate a conversation then everything works just fine, but if a local user tries to contact a gtalk user this results in a “xmpp message delivery failed code 503” error message. I’m assuming that it’s some sort of problem with dial back authentication but with communications on 5269/tcp allowed in both directions, and no sign of blocked traffic in the logs, I’m failing to see where it might be failing.

Any suggestions?


Hi James,

I am facing the exact same problem. Did you already solve this issue?