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Problems with Spark client and IM Asterisk plugin

I have Trixbox and Openfire with integration with Asterisk, plugin works fine I have blue icon on General Settings at Asterisk-IM plugin and I have setup Phone mappings by the book. Problem is at first I had call option in spark client but when I clicked on call option nothing happend no errors not anything. Then when I restarted openfire and trixbox I dont even have call option in my spark client.

Does anyone know what can I do to debug why is this happening or did anyone had simmilar issues?



Ok I’ve managed to make a call between clients however when I clikc on user I dont have call option but I have phone dialer in the top of the client so I can actually call some extension, and extension rings but when I accept call nothing happens?!

Tnx for reply

i do have same problem that when click on dial this individual nothing happen


I got same problem but I don’t see any answer to resolve the issue.


Sorry, my english is not good xD

I got too problems:

  1. The option “Call Number” not working

  2. When i receive a call, no notification popup appeared.

The versions i use: (Openfire 3.9.3, Spark 2.6.3, Asterisk 1.8.17)

First change config in manager.conf like





Try it, if does not work try changing asterisk-java api version

The current version in asterisk-im plugin es 0.3

The new version is 1.0 and works fine with asterisk 1.8

Download the last version from https://blogs.reucon.com/asterisk-java/ and replace the version in asterisk-im lib folder (/opt/openfire/plugins/asterisk-im/lib)

reload and try.

**@pqekactiva: **I do it, and dont work…