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Problems with SSL Certificate


i’ve a problem with my SSL-Certificate. I’ve the following setup:

I configured the SRV entry for kosubek(dot)org with nuc(dot)kosubek(dot)org.
I ordered a SSL-Certificate for nuc(dot)kosubek(dot)org and now i want to install it. But the server says:

There was an error while trying to import the private key and signed certificate. Internal server error: The supplied certificate chain does not cover the domain of this XMPP service.

Need i a wildcard certificate for this setup? Or a cert for kosubek(dot)org? Or did i somethimg else wrong?

Thanks for your help!


Yes, certificate should cover XMPP domain, not hostname. Domain is what client should use to login to.

Thanks for the fast reply!

What certificate would you recommend, wildcard or the domain?

I don’t know deails about wildcard support in Openfire. I have found this HowTo Wildcard Certificate & OpenFire (Linux Version) this post is old. Maybe it already works with wildcards, but i can’t say for sure.

I ordered a new certificate for the domain and now it works!

Thanks for your support!

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