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Problems with the server setup


we have a small network,like 10-15 laptops connected between by a router,also do a have a server for the company.

I was trying to install the openfire server on my pc,and then the Spark application on all of the laptops.Unfortunately,only logging in from my computer gives acces to IM.for other pc’s gaves that server is unreacheable.

The domain that i used in setting up openfire was my ip adress.

Is somebody that can help me about that?

Thank you!

don’t use an IP for openfire’s xmpp domain. you will need to re-do the setup since this cannot be changed after the install/setup.

you need to use a FQDN, like xmpp.yourserver.local or similar.

of course, make sure you have the proper ports opened on your pc since it’s acting as a server here… and also that you have DNS setup properly so that the other computers can find your openfire server on the network.