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Problems with video

Hi there,

i was just amazed by this kind function for spark, and i tryed to install it, but at the moment to try the video, it doesnt work.

i explain better.

if i try to call someone (in the experiment i tryed to call myself) , the audio works, but the video, doesn-t matter how much time i click to get it on-off, it doesn’t work!

i’m using windows vista, with the last version of openfire and red5 plugin, and the red5 server (0.6.3) . am i doing something wrong?

i forgot.

i’m also using a copy of windows vista in a bootcamp partition on a mac.

i don’t know if this would be a problem. i tryed other flash based application , and also red5 applications, and it work

hello if you are using virtual os,s you will most likely have problems with video But get sound.Iam using virtual box partition with linux running on my windows and get the same problem with the webcam.My server is on my windows so it works just the linux webcam dos not work I think its the usb webcam drivers are not properly virtualizes.But try adding java 3D and adobe flash 9 and see if that fixes your problems with video