Procedure to install Wildfire with LDAP

Which is the procedure to install Wildfire with LDAP? .html

That’'s the posted guide, maybe it will work for you -but it certainly did not work for me

FWIW…I was banging my head on a wall trying to figure out why I could not get the LDAP authentication to work with my instance of Wildfire Enterprise. It finally dawned on me by accident that in the configuration file that comes with the Enterprise version that I had to remove the that surround the LDAP tags in the XML file!!! The LDAP guide says to add tags but they are already in the config file so I changed the values for them to those necessary for my AD environment, but LDAP still was never used. Then I accidentally opened the XML file in IE and noticed all the LDAP tags were greyed out indicating they were commeneted out. I remopved the comment marks and voila, LDAP worked great! just my $.02