Process for committing a couple of fixes?

Hello all,

My colleagues and I have been using Openfire for a while now but doing some development on a project involving the offline message store introduced us to OF-163 (Rosters with > 1000 items don’t work well in Oracle) and OF-397 (Do not deliver offline messages to clients with a negative priority).

I’ve got fixes for both these issues (we’re presently running on our own build incorporating them), both of which are quite simple changes, and was wondering what the best way to commit them back is. Do I e-mail the diffs to a contributor, list them here, or something else?

We also came across an issue in the OfflineMessageStore class. Currently, OfflineMessageStore does not store messages with empty bodies unless they are PubSub events. Our problem was that clients were sending MUC invites with empty bodies, that contained all the information needed by the recipient user, but these messages weren’t getting stored offline. We’ve changed our branch to allow the offline message store to store empty MUC invites, just as it does PubSub events. The code change is again quite simple.

Ideally, I’d like to get this change commited as well, but without a pre-existing Jira I’m less sure if the change would be acceptable, and I’d appreciate some advice if possible.

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Hello Simon!

I’m sure your contributions are much appreciated!

At the moment our Jira is being upgraded and fixed for some login issues. Once that’s done I’m sure wroot or Guss (OF project lead) will chime in with how to go about submitting your patch.

The basic process seems to be, you will create a Jira account (once it’s back online)… and then submit any notes you have, plus a .patch (diff) file showing your changes. If you are using git for your own repo, you can use: format-patch -1 --stdout > OF-397.patch …for example to create a patch that shows all changes between your last commit and most recent, and saves the filename as the issue name (OF-397.patch in my example). Then upload the patch to the appropriate issue in Jira and request a review. Someone will review your code for any issue or side-effects if may have, and if approved, eventually it is merged into the main trunk.

welcome to the community! we’re glad to have you!

Thanks Jason,

I’d created a Jira account yesterday but noticed it wasn’t working when I tried to use it today - wasn’t sure if that was part of the account approval process but good to know it’s just bad timing on my part!

When access is restored I’ll attach some diffs to the existing tickets and create a new ticket for the offline invite stuff, and update this discussion for completeness.

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sounds great. There is a spot in the Jira issue tracker for you to paste a link to this thread as a reference.

Also, I could be mistaken but I think one of the leads has to elevate your Jira privs so you can post on there… I’m sure one of them will see this thread soon and take care of it for you (once the Jira login issue is sorted).

Again, welcome! glad to have you aboard!

Phew, so i was right to approve this registration yesterday We are dealing with spam here, so sorry for a delay. As Jason told, there are currently login issues with JIRA. Once this is fixed and you’ll have your own account Daryl will elevate your permissions for attaching files to tickets. As about the MUC invites issue, i think it is safe to create a ticket and attach your patch. Then Guus (project lead) or someone else will review it and decide is it ok to commit. We will inform you on this thread once JIRA is back running.

The force is strong with you wroot! lol… those jedi powers will come in handy again i’m sure!

JIRA is working. Tell us your account name here and Daryl will check your permissions.


I have elevated your Jira privs for openfire. Please let me know of any access issues you have…


Thanks for the help everyone!

I’ve uploaded some diffs to OF-163 and OF-397 and I’ve opened (and attached another diff to) OF-633 regarding the discarding of MUC invites when offline.

All very trivial stuff, really, but I hope it helps anyway.

Thanks again,


Hi Simon,

thank your very much for the patches. We allways value input from the community.

But please note that unified diffs are prefered (that is 'diff -u '). And if you change the file extension to ‘.patch’ (instead of .diff) the files default to text which is displayed inline in most browser, instead of getting downloaded right away. The diff/patch for OF-163 and OF-397 has no header, it’s hard to tell which file it should get applied to.

Thanks for your input. Let us know about any more fixes/improvements you may come up with. :slight_smile: