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Profile Settings: Group Mapping - Step 3 initial setup

I’m on the initial configuration steps of Openfire 3.6.4 and I’m on step 3 - Profile Settings: Group Mapping.

Group Mapping
Group Field:
Member Field:
Description Field:

My AD Setup is

  • mydomain.local
    • My-Groups
      • securitygroup1
      • securitygroup2
      • etc, etc, etc

With the settings from above and I select to test the configuration, it failes with the following;

Test: Group Mapping

A small list of groups is selected for you to review. When you are finished close this window.

Status: Error

No groups were found using the specified configuration. Try changing the base DN,group filter or member field.

Can anyone help steer me in the right direction on this? I’ve tried all sorts of namings, researched this entire forum and come close but no-cigar.

Any help would be appreciated.


My guess is that your baseDN is to restrictive to show the groups. set your baseDN to dc=mydomain,dc=local

I tried that in the Group Field and still the same error. Every config step up to that point was okay. It picked up all my users and the admin account to actually pull the info in from AD fine. Just this part is the holdup. Any other ideas?


back where you set the baseDN in step 1 is where you issue is. you need to set the baseDN differently there. The baseDN needs to be broad enough to cover all variables that you need to have in openfire.

Well, I actually got to thinking about your previous recommendation above and I created an Openfire OU under my users OU with groups and that actually worked so yes - you were correct however I’ve got to get back in to the admin console. I changed the default port from 9090 to 9191 and no go. Will not run and it still requires me to use 9090 which opens the admin console fine even though the xml config file says 9191. I need to change the default port because I have another app using 9090.

Did you restart the server after changing the port.

Ah finally… Now I’m in and everything else. Whew!

Reboot - LOL MS’s catch all fix all. ROFLMAO

Thanks Todd for all your help. I believe I’m up and runing. Oh, I flagged one of your replies as answering the question.

Thanks Again