Project Planning "Pampero Redux"

The Project Definition “Pampero Redux” provides a summary of the work will be done as part of the project. It splits up the project into several smaller parts that each tackle a particular feature or issue. This document describes how each subproject will be developed.

Each project component will have a project lead. This person will be the primary contact for the project. These persons are expected to:

  • work closely with other project leads where appropriate. Several projects do partially overlap. It will be up to the project leads to come up with a strategy that works for all projects that are involved.
  • optionally: recruit other developers.
  • come up with - and document! - an architecture or design for the project.
  • get the implementation done! (mentoring others where apprioriate)

**Project Lead
Improving Persistent Storage
(to be determined)
High Availability & Rolling Updates
(to be determined)
Remove the need for closed-source software
(to be determined)
Fix Openfires Achilles’ Heel
@Guus der Kinderen
Improve Health Monitoring
(to be determined)
Provide Abuse Control
(to be determined)
Replace Apache MINA
(to be determined)