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Proposal to release Openfire 3.9.3 soon


I would like to get a new release of Openfire 3.9.3 out the door soon. The primary reasons are to fix the property encryption issue reported by folks that use LDAP and to clean up the mess with the windows installer error.

Perhaps the release will happen this weekend or early next week, just wanted to give developers a heads up. We are still looking for any low-hanging fruit regressions in 3.9.2 that can be cleaned up.

Yes, going forward, discussions on better integration testing etc would be appropriate, please create new threads for those ideas.


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oh god,release new openfire again…how about the features?

Same features as 3.9.2

http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2014/04/30/openfire-392-has-bee n-released

Sound ok for me.

Regarding integration testing: That’s the main reason why I want a new build system (with unit & integration testing). I’ve to much fear to break something down.

Tom is going to revert OF-2 patch today, so to resolve the S2S issue. Any objections to then releasing 3.9.3 ?

I am considerung OF-791 quite critical.

I just tested and get the same stanza as Daryl in his comment. (item-not-found error).

I will have a look.

Ok, I’ve found and fixed it.

I am going to proceed now with the 3.9.3 release. Thanks all for the help!