Proposal to Remove Solaris Bamboo Host / Solaris Builds

I would like to propose that we discontinue our Solaris Bamboo Agent and subsequently Solaris builds provided on the website for download. Our Solaris build host is ancient and 32bit. If somebody in the community would like to help support Solaris and its build host, then we could certainly keep it going. Otherwise, I rarely see anybody reporting using it in the forums and it is currently causing Openfire build failures for some strange reason. OF-937

So lets give this proposal 3 weeks (23 September) for discussion before I pull the plug on it… Again, if somebody cares about it and wants to support it, we’ll keep it going

Yeah, I’m not seeing many threads/questions on Solaris either. Have created a poll and linked to this discussion.

Do you need Openfire version for Solaris?

I use Solaris as my server. If no one wants to keep this going then I can try. I have extensive Solaris programming and management support.

Travis, one of our bigger concerns it that the server we used for building (in continuous integration) has not been touched after it was initially created. By now, it it sure to be hopelessly outdated. Do you have experience with setting up a Solaris-based build server for Openfire?


What do you suggest we install to get a current version of solaris x64 running ?

So, the poll showed no interest in Solaris, almost (11 to 1). And we still didn’t get a reply from Travis about how much he would be willing to commit to keeping our build system’s Solaris up to date.

Yeah, lets pull the plug. Will be lazy and do so tomorrow, to see if anybody else responds…

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I’ve created OF-951 to track activities related to dropping support for the Solaris platform.

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