Propositions to KeyContributors


I see some folks who has done a lot for this community (forums, plugins, patches, bug reports, etc.) and dont yet have KeyContributor badge

Coolcat - plugins and help on the forums

akrherz (Daryl Herzmann) for patches and constant bugging of developers to pay attention to some bugs

dele (Dele Olajide) - the author of Red5 stuff

Guus (Guus der Kinderen) - patches

Conor (Conor Hayes) - the author of Content Filter plugin

dawn (Dawn Foster)

b0ris (Romain Sahut) - few years ago he was helping a lot XIFF users and has started Xiffian project

RobAlexander - Spark skinning/branding help

svoisen (Sean Voisen) - XIFF development

no objections

But now I’m a slacker who never contributes :slight_smile:

Agreed on all counts, and done.

And Dawn you get honorary status. lol I don’t care if you aren’t doing anything “right now”. heheh

Just FYI, I’m all for nominations for key contributors.

That was just too Darn easy. Oh and Hi Dawn!


sixthring wrote:

That was just too Darn easy. Oh and Hi Dawn!

/me is surprised no one has created a Dawn Fan Club social group. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awwww, you guys are awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the props, wroot, and for the promotion, Daniel!

wroot, thanks for the recomendation