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Props to LG

!http://www.igniterealtime.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/props.png!Earlier today, LG (IT2000) passed Gato to become the top point earner in the ignite community forums. It’s the first time ever that an outside community member has jumped ahead of Jive Software engineers, which is a pretty impressive feat. With a current score of 3475 and 5 to 10 points per question answer, that’s a lot of people he’s helped out – especially considering that not everyone remembers to award points.

So in the spirit of Ali G, all of us at Jive Software want to offer mad props to LG.

Great work LG! Thanks for all of your help in the Ignite community. You’ve helped a lot of people with Openfire and Spark and kept us on our toes, too.

Hooray and have to mention that he has registered only at 05.12.14 So this is really an enormous feat

Impressive stats! Way to go, LG!

I was very soon ahead of one Jive Software engineer, and wroot is still ahead of jadestorm. Getting ahead of Gato was a matter of time and posts as he’s quite active and efficient with 1,2 points per post while I usually get 0,9 points per post.

Reaching a top three place was much more easy in former times as there was a top users statistic within every category while today there’s just a single statistic which is a little bit sad. I think for me 30-70 points were sufficient within some categories.

Only a few points were spent compared to today, getting 300 points to get in the top-10-list is really hard. So one may want to discuss whether a most active within last month statistic would be nicer for new users.



I couldn’t agree more on LG’s opinion. It took me a lot efforts to pass the 300 points, plus the fact that not everybody rewards points, perhaps because they’re not aware of the point system or because there’s nothing to achieve besides the possibility of having a name on the top 10 list.

That also explains why it’s so easy to maintain oneself in the top 10 list! I haven’t been actively participating in the forum for about 4 months but my name is still on the list. I would suggest that Jive make the point system more interesting and encouraging, at least by making it more pronounced in the website, or even better by changing it to a reward system.