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Proxy/Firewall Autentication for IM and Updates

I have been looking thru endless forum posts and discussions tying to figure out how to get a proxy autentication feature in OpenFire, but to no vail. Therfor I now turn to you guys to ask the following:

***Will there ever be support for proxy servers with autentication?(*this due to many companys laws about whos having what access to the internet)

Are there any plugins out ther somewhere that adds this function?..

Im currently using Kraken IM Gateway as well on my OpenFire 3.7.1 server, and without the proxy autentication I cannot use any of the functions due to strict proxy/firewall policies(im guessing that I am not alone). Due to this policies I need to login to the proxy/Firewall to get access to most things on the internett(IM is one of them)…

I know that OpenFire has the Update proxy function, but for me this is not working because of the internett policie that requeres me to login to the proxy/firewall.

Any one know of any thing? (Im not a programer, but if you lead me the right way I will be able to due some stuff).

I find it funny that this post still is not answered by anyone…It is in the Support section, but no support people from OpenFira has answered.

It would be nice with one answer at least…