Psi can not show the online user, I am using openfire 3.5.2

hi to the community, I am new to this community I need some support …I started my openfire server with postgresSql.I made some new users. at client side I am Using PSI…from PSi I can loging easly but psi will never show any other online user’s…plz give me some help in this regard.


  • I assume the other users are also connected with their own client.

  • I also assume, you have added some other users to your contact list

if that is the case, hm, sounds strange…

other users are also loging with their PSI… but no one seen eah other.

Hi sanaullah,

When users add each other as buddies, are they using Jabber IDs that include the server name? For instance, . Just adding mybuddy may not work. Also, are they using all lower case letters?


yes they are using jabber ID. these ID include the server name. for eg…on server user name is "athar " and email ID is on psi I am adding a budd’s like that I am using all lower letter.