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Public IM networks in red5 sparkweb

Can we add public IM networks in red5 sparkweb? I am using red5-0.1.08.zip

SparkWeb does not yest support the IM gateway Register feature. You have to use Openfire to create and modify registrations.

SparkWeb does not yest support the IM gateway Register feature, yes, but The public IM will appear if we first login into spark client. i capture my screen

Is there any plans for this to be done?

I am hoping to use Red5 SparkWeb to produce a rather delicious integration between IRC/Jabber/IMs/a social networking site…can’t move forward on this without gateway support.

Also, what is the latest version of Red5 SparkWeb and where can I get a copy of it?

Seems sortof hard to track down. :confused:

Also, when joining a channel via the IRC transport, all messages sent by the user are echoed back to the user. IE, Daedalus says “hello”, and will see

daedalus: this


Any idea whether that’s something in red5 sparkweb or an issue with the gateways plugin? Don’t recall seeing it in Spark, but I’ll double check.

Not wanting to sound impatient, but any chance of an answer to this? Thanks.

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This is a little misleading.

It does not in fact support the IM Gateway feature at all. There are numerous issues. For example, you can send messages to recipients but do not send replies; IRC usage is possible but has numerous issues (both related to XMPP not being all that great for bridging to IRC in the first place [no /actions, for example)] and related to SparkWeb itself).