Public rooms

Hello everybody,

how i’'m supposed to fetch public rooms list with XIFF.

to use some broswer class or something ?

please tell me about it

i got the answer the forum is real good


hmmm this error was returned and i don’‘t know why in the other client i’'m building there is very strange thing

public function getServiceItems(server:String, callback:String, scope:Object):Void


trace(“from getServiceItems 2”);


this function is called although no data is sent !!!

please help

private var _connection:XMPPConnection;

private var _pending:Object;

it appears that there is mistake in Browser class

constructor :

connection = conn;

but that didn’'t fix the problem

public function getServiceItems(server:String, callback:String, scope:Object):Void


var iq = new IQ(server, IQ.GET_TYPE);

iq.callbackName = callback;

iq.callbackScope = scope;

iq.addExtension(new ItemDiscoExtension(iq.getNode()));



tracing connection before connection.send returns object

but connection.isActive() return false; that’'s very strane …

i’'ve put the connection parameter in the function parameter list and it worked

flash is very slow when parsing huge amounts of data …

i’'m talking of the entire room list !!! hell on earth