Can anyone provide a list of what classes in XIFF are considered part of the public API? And if you could separate them into core (everybody will probably need them) and advanced (public, but only needed for special cases or advanced usage) classes, that would be even better.

I ask for two reasons … first, I don’‘t want to rely on those parts of the API that are part of the implementation and could change in a future release … second, it will make my life easier in the sense that I don’'t have to browse through countless implementation classes that are not part of the public API and which I should never have any real reason to use directly.

In lieu of the currently limited documentation this would go a long way toward helping me focus my efforts on learning what I need to learn to use the API fully and correctly.



Never mind. I think I have managed to decipher enough from looking at the source code to proceed.

A bit more documentation would definitely be nice, but hey, I know its free so I can’'t complain.

there is one older xiff version that includes the help files. very handy!