Publish-Subscribe domain etc. with Apache?


I’m pretty new to the jabber stuff, so I’m some help with the setup of openfire. I’m running a linux server with apache, and just installed configured openfire. In the information-log I found following:

Multiuserchar domain:

Publish-Subscriber domain:

But if I browse to these two domains, I just receive my apache default page, which is correctly, since I never configured any vhost for Publish-Subscribe etc. My question is, how do I properly configure the vhost? I mean, I know how to set a vhost in apache, but where is the web-stuff for conference-subdomain, and where is the stuff for the pubsub-subdomain? Maybe I just get something wrong, but hopefully you can explain it to me.

EDIT: Ok, I just found out that it seems nothing todo with vhosts, but just a service name. Thanx either.

take care,