Publishing smack releases on igniterealtime

This document details the process of publishing a Smack release on Igniterealtime. All of these tasks are completed on the host as the j2ee-website user.

  1. Copy the smack build artifact to the ignite02 host.
  2. Extract the zip archive to a temporary folder.
  3. Create the two files needed by the website download application, they should be named and smack_X_Y-Z.tar.gz
  4. Place these two archives in the /home/j2ee-website/builds/smack directory.
  5. Enter the /home/j2ee-website/builds/smack/docs directory and create a directory named X.Y.Z
  6. Within that folder, copy the *javadoc *directory from the smack release temporary directory in step 2 and copy the contents releasedocs directory.
  7. Move back up one folder and remove the latest sym link and then create a new one pointing to the new release directory X.Y.Z
  8. Execute the Amazon S3 sync script sh ~/bin/
  9. Within the website code base, edit the src/java/versions.xml to reflect the new smack release.
  10. Deploy website, from /home/j2ee-website/git/IgniteRealtime-Website , git pull and sh