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PubSub - Collection Node Creation

I am trying to create a collection node below is xml code that I submit:


This returns successful, however when I query that from the server I see it is states it is a leaf … i igonore that and try to create a leaf under it:

when I review it via the service discovery it states they are both leafs and they are not hierarchical.

I do see in the3 service discovery that /home and /home/localhost are hierarchical and set correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated … i must be doing something really stupid and just cannot see it!


RoutingTableImpl.patch.zip (516 Bytes)

Update … i have re-validated based on my posting and what I am seeing is that /foo node is a collection and the /foo/bar node is a leaf but they are not hierachical.

so what am i missing that makes them hierarchical?



Hey figured it out:

here is the node syntax:


CAn you guide me to create a collection node and add leaf nodes to it.