Pubsub component server setup

Hi guys,

I am new to xmpp and openfire and trying to set up a xmpp server with another pubsub component server. But for some reason, i can not login to the admin console on the pubsub component server. i know there must be something wrong with my setup. but not sure about the problem. Here are my procedures.

1: set up a regular xmpp server with a server name: test.local. It using an external postgre db.

2: create a couple of test accounts and play with them by sending and receiving messages. they are work. i can login to the admin console with the account “admin” as well.

3: here comes with my puzzle. For using pubsub.test.local, i guess it should be another server which has connection to test.local. so i set up another xmpp on another server with the name: pubsub.test.local. I point to the same db and use same admin account and password. But i can not log in to the admin console on pubsub.test.local with this simple message: Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.

I went to the log file and didn’t see any other error message except for this one: 2011.04.12 01:13:22 Failed admin console login attempt by admin from

I am sure the xmpp on pubsub.test.local can talk to the db since i can change the admin email address during the pubsub sertup and the change has been persisted to the db.

Also, i can not find any info for openfire pubsub server set up on the internet. i’d appreciate if somebody can give me some hints on this

Thanks in advance.