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PubSub creating a node where max_items = unlimited?

Good afternoon,

I’m wondering when I create a PubSub node if there exists a value I can set to max_items that means “unlimited”?

I’m using raw packets, for arguments sake I cannot download the nice wrapper API for pubsub.


Perhaps I’m approaching my goal the wrong way. I was going to make one node for a ‘Blog’ category so to speak, and add 's to that node for individual ‘Blog’ entries. Would the more appropriate approach be to make a root collection node and add each entry as a leaf node?

Thank you for your time!

  • Scott

Just don’t set it at all. If you are trying to update an existing one, set it to 0.

The single node for multiple entries makes sense to me. You would want to subscribe to the blog and get notified whenever a new entry is added, or retrieve all existing entries if necessary.