Pubsub events in offline messages

Hi there,

I’ve already had an offline message table in mysql with more than 8GB. I’ve cleared the table and kept an eye on it.

After a week, my offline messages are already 150MB big.

I’ve looked into the mysql table and the messages there are all pubsub events like this:

<message to="" from="" id="yyy@etecture.de__xxx@etecture.de__aRnPd"><event xmlns=""><items node=""><item id="3ff4b198-4260-480a-93df-0fed339d0e1b151" node=""><tune xmlns=""/></item></items></event></message>

can someone please explain to me, what these messages are and why are they staying there?

it degrades performance and wastes space, so i would be glad to get rid of them.

any hint is appreciated!



P.S.: its a openfire 3.9.2 on debian linux with mysql 5.5 right now. had the same problem with 3.8.x, too.

I’m already at 317MB now and its still growing.

I have no idea what to do here

when i switch offline messages to discard or bounce, users get 404 errors and the space isnt freed either.


What do you have set for offline storage size per user?