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Pubsub implementation status?

Does anyone know the status of development of publish-subscribe(JEP 0060)? From searching the forums it looked like several people have been working on this in the past but I couldn’'t find any current information.


We recently found out about an organization that’'s working on pubsub support for Jive Messenger. So, look for more info on this soon!




Matt, any idea if this will be GPLed or BSD style license or any propretary product?

My understanding is that it will be added as a part of Jive Messenger (so GPL). I haven’'t gotten a firm schedule from them yet.



Hi guys

any update on the subject ?

i’'m very interested in this feature !!

regards and congrats for your job

We haven’‘t heard any updates on pubsub support, so I’'m assuming that the effort is dead in the water for now. We may do an implementation ourselves in the future.



Maybe you can use Idavoll?