Pubsub item republication

I’'m trying to design a pubsub-based job monitoring system. A key requirement is that running jobs be able to update their progress information in a pubsub node.

Around example 90 of jep-0060, version 1.8 it states:

Note: If a publisher publishes an item with an Item ID and the ItemID matches that of an existing item, the pubsub service MUST NOT fail the publication but instead MUST overwrite the existing item and generate a new event notification (i.e., re-publication is equivalent to modification).

However, this isn’'t the observed behaviour in wildfire 3.0.1: Setting nodeID on a published item the first time around causes an event with the correct id. Updating with the same id, however, generates a new item with a system-generated nodeID.

Is this a limitation of pubsub in 3.0.1, or am I overlooking something?