PubSub (JEP-0060) Support

Has any work been started towards supporting PubSub? The last post I saw regarding this was back in January of 2003 so I thought I’'d check again…



It looks to me that there is not much support for that JEP on server side. Is there any valid PubSub implementation I’'m missing?


We ( ) are beginning to implement services using it and of course there is that has an experimental implementation already out…



I am currently implementating minimalist pubsub support (Basically at first, I want to be able to send pubsub iq packets).

Are the developer of Smack interested ?

How should I contribute this to the Smack library ?

Mickael Rémond

hi, I was wondering how far you got into modifying the smack api with pubsub?

I need to do the same…

Please let me know.