Pubsub last item published -- increasing to last 100 items?


Thanks for all the help on this board. When learning a new technology, I’ve never needed to actually delve into the actual raw specifications as much as I have for XMPP.

My latest question concerns how to retrieve the last 100 items published each time a subscriber visits a pubsub feed.

I’m guessing that increasing the last item published from 1 to a value of 100 is not supported? There’s no property or similar node config option that allows that, right? This would be the server automatically pushing out the last 100 items without a dedicated client request (that I have to write).

If this feature doesn’t exist, then am I correct to assume that upon visiting a feed, the client needs to make an IQ get request to retrieve the last 100 items from the node?

I guess it’s not that big of a deal, I just wanted to make sure that I’m approaching things correctly here, b/c for a newbie, I saw last item published and immediately thought that there must be some way to increase it to 100, or 1000, etc.


You are correct on your assumptions. The last item is just that and cannot be configured. As long as the node is configured for persistent, you can obtain them through a specific request (as you assumed).