PubSub: Multiple Subscriber issue

Hello Everyone,

Ok, I got a weird one here. This works (how I think is right) on my dev machine but not on my staging machine. Basically here it goes:

I logged into the site with and subscribe to the pubsub node /mynode for, I leave the site and my session goes idle (there is no disconnect).

I go back to the site and I have a new resource and I subscribe to the pubsub node /mynode for But now I am receiving messages from that node for both and That doesn’t sound like it is right. Am I missing something in the spec or a setting?



Well, I found pubsub#presence_based_delivery but when I set that to “1” no one gets the messages.


I believe that OpenFire uses the bare JID (no resource) for subscriptions, which might be causing your behaviour. I would have to check the code for sure but I recall some comments in the code about waiting for clarification on the JID usage for subscriptions.

Also, are you implying that you are receiving the same message twice?

Logged as OF-371


Just checking to see if this issue is still valid?