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Pubsub node owner modify subscriptions

Hi There,

I’m working on a chat client based on Smack (for Android) and I’m looking to be able to send a single message stanza to modify the status of multiple subscribers, from the owner of the node - please see Modify Subscriptions

As far as I understand, this is not already implemented in the pubsub module, right ? So really my question is, how should I go about implenting it ? Assuming nobody has something in progress ?! (I have to be optimistic :slight_smile:

My initial thought was to implement something within my client code package, but it seems that because PubSubManager.sendPubsubPacket is private, it needs to be done within the smack/pubsub package.

So, it looks as if I would need to extend the existing Node class, by adding a new “modifySubscriptionAsOwner” function, calling sendPubsubPacket / createPubsubPacket
and adding a new SubscriptionsExtension class. This latter could use multiple SubscribeExtension and UnsubscribeExtension instances internally.

Any advice or criticism gratefully received, before I dive in…!

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I recently noticed, that the PubSub implementation is lacking some functionality and is in need of some love :smiley:.
What you described sounds reasonable to me, so a PR would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:.

I’m loving it already :heart_eyes: but there are always more things you can add to any software…

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