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PubSub implementation needs some work

Smacks PubSub implementation has some flaws and is missing some higher level api stuff.

This is a non-exhaustive list of what is missing from the PubSub api:

Things that are broken:

  • getNode sometimes throws NotALeafNodeException and it is not clear to the user what to do in that case

Thanks for pulling these together. I think I will be wanting to use all of the first three “missing” items for my application.

Indeed, I already implemented “modify node subscriptions” with a little test - though I have yet to test it with a real server, and I didn’t get set up on github yet to generate a pull request - then I got a little sidetracked by actual paid work :wink:

The other two look quite trivial to implement as well, so I would be happy to confront those too. So long as nobody’s in a big hurry !

Well, first you can expect a PR from me at some point for the Modify Node Subscriptions - just don’t hold your breath…

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